We are reputed to have been the architect in the coaching thousands of individuals, systematically guiding them towards the attainment of psychological breakthrough, financial success, emotional fulfilment, and winning the ever raging war against depression in their lives which has led to massive growth in their families, businesses, and other areas of their lives.

We are a team of motivated and people-oriented individuals who have dedicated our lives towards making sure that people truly live a full and fulfilled life not hindered by depression, frustration, failure and stress. We have researched and developed tested and trusted programs on this area for the past 25 years.

The strategist behind these amazing success is;

Dr. Manimaran Subramaniam, the Malaysian #1 Life Strategist who has been unifying the minds of thousands of individuals for over 30 years. Authoring 2 books solely based on personal development, spiritual upliftment and freedom from depression and a plenitude of published journals on the same subject, Dr. Manimaran's primary concern is directed towards attending the massive growth and success of all walks of life, and passing that knowledge down to others as well.